Make Instagram Your Lead Generation Machine 

Frustrated with Social Media not generating quality leads for your painting business?

Instagram has become one of the most effective marketing platforms available to businesses if you know how to take advantage of it! 

Why Instagram?

  • Over 1 Billion Active Users
  • Engagement Rates 52x greater than Facebook and 127x than Twitter
  • Reach 4x greater than Facebook 
  • Instagram has become the Go To social network for the world's top companies
  • Users are on Instagram several times a day just about every day 
  • Visual Content is what is rocking social media right now  

Instagram Gives You An Advantage!

With Instagram, you can know who your competitors followers are, the locations people check in to, and who is interested in your niche...  

Are you using this intelligence to grow you Instagram followers?  

Our Instagram Services for Painters 

We offer 3 core components for your Instagram Marketing: Growth, Content, and Management. You can pick which of these components is best for your business.  

Our Instagram Marketing Components  


Instagram Profile Growth

  • Engage with your target market 
  • Like and Follow niche specific users content and profiles 
  • Engage with your competitors followers 
  • Engage with users based on location and places they have been 
  • Grow your Instagram followers (100+ / mo Guaranteed) 
  • Send Direct Messages to new followers 
  • Generate organic traffic to your website 
  • Generate targeted leads and sales from your Instagram profile  

Instagram Content Creation

  • We’ll do one Instagram Post per day
  • Offer Photo shoot services to capture important aspects of your business 
  • Instagram video post creation available (optional)
  • Includes an optional post review and approval system to ensure you are happy with our posts  
  • Summary of Post Performance

Add-Ons Available:

Instagram Ad Creation and Management

Instagram Training

Instagram Posting Calendar


Instagram Management

  • Monitor Profile 
  • Manage Community Engagement 
  • Respond to comments 
  • Respond to message 
  • Escalate Comments an Messages as needed 
  • Profile Reporting  

You can just implement the Growth Component, or add one or both of the other 2 components: the Content Component and/or the Management Component above. 

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