10 Strategies Guaranteed To Improve Your Marketing ROI In 2020

If you can’t put a check next to all of these things, you have clear marching orders to make sure you can before the new year starts.

Otherwise, you’re just throwing money away!

ROI in 2020

#1 Retarget All Visitors

It’s time to check in with anyone and everyone who has engaged with your brand. Reconnect with prior customers by giving them exclusive offers for returning or referring others, send out a pointed email marketing campaign to reach those who visited your site in 2018, or reward your loyal, everyday customers with an end-of-year offer.

#2 Optimize Your Website for Mobile Use

Chances are, most of the people who will access your site this year will do so when they’re on the go. That means that your site needs to be user-friendly from smartphones or mobile devices. Optimize your site for mobile use before 2020 hits so that visitors can get the most of it.

ROI in 2020

#3 Optimize Your Website for Speed

While we’re talking website optimization, you’ll want to make sure you stay competitive when it comes to speed. If your graphics or images won’t load, or if the spinny circle keeps going around and around while your prospects are trying to give you their email address or ask a question, you’re going to lose customers.

#4 Generate Fresh Content

As I always say, content is king! If you’re not generating useful, relevant, and engaging content, then you’re missing out on one of the best ways to establish credibility and expand your reach. Figure out what your prospects need to know and give it to them through your content stream.

#5 Video, Video, Video

One type of content that you should be focused on in the new year is video. If you aren’t already, you’ve simply got to create engaging videos. Give your customers a behind-the-scenes look at your business through IGTV, or create a video responding to a Frequently Asked Question. Either way, engaging people through video is essential in today’s see it-buy it market.

ROI in 2020

#6 Create Community

These days, more and more consumers are expecting to engage with businesses on a personal level. They want to know where the product comes from. They want to hear about it from the CEO’s lips. Gone are the days when consumers just purchased without knowledge.

For example, just think about how many brands of orange juice there are. How can a new company compete with so many options? The answer is in community. In order to stay competitive and win over a customer’s purchasing decisions, you must first win over a customer’s heart and trust. Find ways to engage with them (through a podcast, through the comments on your videos, through sincere email marketing) and you’ll see a difference in their willingness to purchase your product or service.

#7 Personalize Your Email Marketing

Avoid sending out generic, one-size-fits-all emails to your customers. Instead, use an email organization platform like MailChimp to send out emails to targeted groups. Want to reach single moms? Families? Millennials? Then group them according to your marketing focus and send emails that are relevant to their lives.

ROI in 2020

#8 Keep Truckin’ with Social Media

It seems that the capabilities for social media marketing change every day-- probably because it’s true! But you can’t afford to give up on it just because it seems like a moving target. More and more consumers are engaging with Instagram and Facebook ads than ever before. Be sure to put your brand out there and distribute your content through these mediums whenever possible.

#9 Take Advantage of Influencers

Speaking of social media, influencers have become all the rage when it comes to fresh marketing strategy. Consider finding an influencer in your niche and allow them to use their pull to market your product or service.

#10 Sponsorship Marketing

Sponsorship marketing is a great way to align yourself with your audience, show that you care about your community, and get your name out there for all to see. You can sponsor non-profits, such as recreational teams or food centers for those in need, in exchange for your logo being displayed on the side of vehicles or at local community events. And you kill two birds with one stone: you help your neighbors while marketing your business.

ROI in 2020

2020 is Almost Here!

The new year is approaching fast! It’s time to get these marketing strategies going now so that you can realize the ROI that you’ve been dreaming about!