7 Instagram Story Features You Should Use To Create More Engagement With Your Prospects & Customers

Social media marketing is all about engagement. The more engaged your audience is, the more distribution you get from the social networks, which helps your audience grow.

It’s a virtuous circle that begins with engagement which is why we highly recommend that you use the following seven Instagram Story features in your marketing.

Stories are a great way to increase interest, get more engagement, and collect feedback from your audience. Here are seven ways to capitalize on them at your business to create more engagement with your prospects and customers!

Question Stickers

Question Stickers let your audience ask you questions then you can choose which you’d like to answer. Your answers are then posted as another piece of content on your Story.

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Music Stickers

Have you ever flipped through some fun, engaging Instagram Stories only to land on a row of images - no audio or video? They seem so boring!

The last thing you want is for your marketing to be boring. If you’re adding an image to your Story, consider adding a Music Sticker as well.

Remember, it’s all about engagement, and music is engaging!

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Share Feed Posts To Your Story

Did you know that you can share the posts you see in your feed to your Story?

This is an excellent way to recognize people that are tagging your account, get the attention of someone whose content you enjoy, or to repurpose your old posts as Story content.

How to do it?

Simple, just click the arrow in the red circle on the left image (SHARE button), then choose to create a story (circled in red in the middle image). Finally, add any text or other Story features before you post it!

The account of the post you shared will be notified when you post it, making it a great way to connect to people!

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Mention Stickers

Mention Stickers are simply a way of tagging another Instagram account in your Story. Doing this has a few cool benefits:

  1. It notifies the account you tagged in their Direct Message Inbox, which means that you will surely get their attention
  2. It gives the Instagram account the option to easily post your Story to their Story.
  3. When they do that your account will be tagged, which means you’ll get the attention of their audience.
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This is a very simple but powerful way to get the attention of an account and potentially get distribution in their Story!

Countdown Stickers

Countdown Stickers are a crazy powerful way to let your prospects and customers know about and subscribe to upcoming events, sales, important news, and product launches.

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There are a couple of really amazing benefits to Countdown Stickers.

First, your audience can ‘Subscribe’ to your countdown. They’ll be notified when it is coming to an end.

Second, they can share your Countdown to their Story, meaning you can get viral distribution and attract a bigger audience!

So many ways to use these!

Quiz Stickers

Quiz Sticker is a new feature that allows you to ask your audience questions that have a right answer so you can test their knowledge.

Why would you want to do that?

You could do it just for fun: people love a good trivia contest. Maybe even have some prizes for those who answer questions correctly.

Or, you could test them on their knowledge about your products and services. Offer coupons for freebies for those that get it right.

Remember, it’s all about engagement - just have fun with it!

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Polls are a fun way to get feedback from your audience. You can use them in all kinds of creative ways, such as getting feedback on future product and service ideas, getting feedback on new content ideas, or asking which products you should put on sale.

Definitely, a great way to ensure that your upcoming sale will generate the kind of numbers you are looking for!.

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Have fun with these!

The great thing about Instagram Story posts is that they only last 24 hours, so you don’t need to worry too much about creating the perfect post!

Just have fun and experiment and enjoy the engagement you get with your audience as a result!