Social Media Marketing

Social media. So social media is a great way to get visibility. It's a great way to get people referring you and talking about your business and therefore probably helping you stay top of mind and get more repeat business.

You don't want to tackle every one of these social media platforms all at once. But I think it's important to have at least your profile claimed on each and every one of them, even if you're not particularly active on all of them. I would pick probably two and really zero in on those, maybe three.

I think Facebook is an important platform. Instagram is a very important platform I think because it's such a visual platform as his Facebook now and YouTube is also one to consider. But don't forget about Pinterest or Twitter.

Twitter is a real powerhouse when it comes to continuing to drive links back to your website and increase the visibility and find-ability of your side because people share content an amazing amount through Twitter.

So you want to leverage your email database and ask them to like and engage with your business online on social media. You want to consistently provide status updates. Be real. I mean, have information about your business.

Make it local; make it interesting to people. If you're donating to a charity or you're taking a table at a trivia night for a charity, post pictures and talk about that and talk about the value of what that charity can bring to the community.

People love that stuff. Change your profile picture or your cover photo on your social media platforms. Visual content gets such fantastic engagement and response levels. Video content is the top performing type of content typically on most of these channels.

Another reality is, because everybody is now on social media, in order to maintain visibility and be easy to find, you probably need to think about advertising to expand your reach. But the great thing about that is you can use a whole host of fantastic, targeting criteria for demographics or the things that people like or are interested in to get your content in front of the right people.

And it's because it's not intention oriented, it's more awareness and engagement oriented. it's a lot cheaper. And by intent, I mean Google ads typically excel in the area of intent because when somebody is ready to buy, they're going to type in a phrase like “city name painting contractor.” That means that they are actively looking for a painting contractor that they can reach out and do something with.

But if they’re on social media, they may be looking for ideas and colors and trends on interior design and therefore, the colors that they might want to paint a particular room in their house. So the platforms are different, but the advertising on social media platforms and Facebook, in particular, can be really, really powerful.