Tracking Results

Measuring and tracking everything. So this is really an amazing thing about online marketing. There's tracking code. It's a little creepy, I'll be honest, but it's also very powerful from a marketing perspective and from a business owner perspective, because you can really start to understand how you're spending your money and how that's delivering a return on investment whether that's a using online tracking to measure offline campaigns like we talked about.

An example of that would be - if you did an every door direct mail campaign and you send it to 3000 households, provide a custom URL, a specific page that you want to drive people to.

And the reason that they're going to that page is that you're sending them that every door direct mail piece. Now, you can see how many people went to that page specifically, and that they're probably only getting to that page because you gave him that specific URL in the mailing piece that you sent out to them.

And now you can say, okay, well, when I sent this piece of direct mail out, I got 30, 50, 10, five visitors to this webpage, and now you can make a business decision. Was that a good investment or not?

And don't judge it just by doing one single mail piece to one household. Keep in mind marketing requires multiple touches, typically seven or more touches, to get people to take action with your business. So, so don't just write it off just if you did a one-time campaign, but measuring and track everything.

So we've talked about a ton of things, and I hope that this has been really helpful for you. We've gone from search engine optimization and website, talking about the Google maps, how you think about getting inbound links from other websites to your website.

How you can take advantage of using social media. One thing I didn't talk about with social media is every time we write a blog post; we build a social media campaign to continue to post about that blog post throughout for an entire 12 month period to drive traffic, continually link back to that blog post and get people onto your website.